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Mauis Best Beaches : Red Sands Hana

Posted March 14, 2018

Red Sands beach in Hana is one of Maui's most beautiful little hidden gems. In this video, I'll show you how to get here so YOU can enjoy your own adventure in Hana.

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  • Eugene Hausenfus 1 month ago

    If I only do four stops on the road to Hana, which four do you recommend? Your thoughts on driving to Hana on the back road? We go there next week with my 11 yo, very excited. Your videos are awesome.

  • Dan Richardson 11 months ago

    where can i get those sunglasses?

  • Kenneth Gheen 1 year ago

    Being a resident of Hana I wish u would respect our aina and not show the whole world our out of the way places. We enjoy having local spots not crowded with tourists mahalo

  • Rey Rangel 1 year ago

    So glad your back to making videos.

  • Bx Joe 1 year ago

    I fly Out from Orlando to Maui tomorrow night I am stoked!

  • Deitrick O'Rullian 1 year ago

    A clear day in Hana this year? Whaaaat!? Haha we stayed in Kaanapali for a few weeks in February and there was so much rain, more than we've ever seen this time of the year there :P

  • eXplorer 1 year ago

    Amazing channel!

  • William Travis 1 year ago

    Master Yodi is having a great time!

  • William Travis 1 year ago

    Digg'in the rainbow sunglasses...noth'in but rainbows in Hawaii!

  • David Reed 1 year ago

    Currently visiting Maui and you’ve definitely helped. Anywhere we can get an AS shirt or hat locally while we’re here?

  • I am the Bobs 1 year ago

    One of the most beautiful beaches I’ve ever been to!

    It was also one of the most scariest to get to with the tight slippery, steep trail and people coming in the opposite direction as me.

    I really kept an eye on the kids and made them go slow and watch each step. Do not bring your kids if they suck at listening. The trail IS dangerous so be aware.

    That being said I will go there each and every time I’m in Maui. Thanks for the videos KP. Without the videos you would have more tourist walking into locals backyards and causing more problems for locals then not.

  • Jhalani Aweau 1 year ago

    Could you and your subscribers and maybe viewers stay off the east side it takes so long for us to get home because tourist driving in to Hana will not pull over, Or will give us a very hard time which is where road rage happens and we don’t deal with it very well. Please Pull over if you don’t know how to drive the road , And don’t make us mad. Your going towards our home, be respectful .

    Mark Paisley 1 year ago

    Jhalani Aweau the most dangerous drivers on that road from my experience were the locals who drove over confidently and to fast. Take your time

    SuperFlo8888 1 year ago

    Yes! It is! Both have full responsibility! Does not mean you are visitors or local! If you see long line behind you! Find the spot put over! Let the people behind you pass over first! Give the people with Aloha and you will have no stress drive! Mahalo

  • Charlotte Chandler 1 year ago


    ALOHASTOKED 1 year ago

    I understand your concern on the subject. I am not exposing anything Maui Revealed hasn't done for over the last 10yrs. I also try to focus and emphasize the viewers of mine respect the aina, pick up their trash, and do not disrespect the land.. I'm also open to suggestions or an interview on any of your concerns if you like : )

    SuperFlo8888 1 year ago

    yayayaya333999 why it is scary space? It is beautiful place! I do understand too many tourists will harmful the area, if they are disrespectful! But not all of them!

  • Clayton C. 1 year ago

    You know what makes a local even angrier than parking?

    Sending viewers to a place that's incredibly dangerous and results in someone being airlifted out of there at least one every two weeks. Which, by the way, is risking our friends and families (firefighters and EMTs) to save them. Don't tell viewers "yeah, it's not for everybody, but that's up to you to decide". You think you're being responsible, but it's the complete opposite. You're trying to wash your hands of fault by giving people access..except you're not telling them how dangerous this place really is. People die in our backyard...but hey, as long as you get hits.

    ALOHASTOKED 1 year ago

    I mean, I clearly stated verbally that the trail is very dangerous as well as suggested those with mobility issues, opt out. Will try to be more clear on the dangers and find the death statistics for future videos.

    SuperFlo8888 1 year ago

    I am totally understand why the Hana local people so angry about situation! Some visitors just no respectful at all! They park their car whatever wherever they want! When you ask them move, they get upset! It had been like this forever! It getting worse ! The trial is dangerous but it is very beautiful! Everyone go their have to knowing that is their own risk! Must be very careful and give the local respectful, Their had a lot of old Hawaiian histories in that area! Be Aloha! The film maker should address to people about that!

  • Doug Mount 1 year ago

    Will be there in April! Ready for it!

    ALOHASTOKED 1 year ago


    Ray Justis 1 year ago

    me 2!

  • Kunihi Boeche 1 year ago

    Not cool brah! Im in Hana and we rescue kids and elderly folks on the weekly from that trail. Any publicity like this is “Not Pono!” It is tresspassing and disrespectful. Many have died there falling off the trail. stop by for much safer recommendations to make your trip one to remember in a good way.

    ALOHASTOKED 1 year ago

    Would you be up for an interview on camera? I'd love to shoot it if so!

    Kunihi Boeche 1 year ago

    ALOHASTOKED . Sorry I can’t without approval. Kaipo (your cousin) said Stop by on your next trip bra! We work together!

  • Mike Flowers 1 year ago

    Hey KP can show everyone where to eat in hana town. thx

    ALOHASTOKED 1 year ago

    can do : )

  • Landon Stancik 1 year ago

    Excellent Video!

  • William Zoom 1 year ago

    Yodi is leading the way again :)

  • John O'Donnell 1 year ago

    You're the Best!!
    The 5 minute mark is hilarious!!

  • Brian Wood 1 year ago

    Too bad you didn't have any footage during high surf. The waves breaking behind the rocks left over from the collapsed cinder cone is incredible. Is Red Sands still considered clothing optional?

    ALOHASTOKED 1 year ago

    yep : )

  • Seth Forester 1 year ago

    We loved Halfway To Hana! Kalua Pork Sandwiches and pick up a hat!!!

    ALOHASTOKED 1 year ago

    omg, I'm so hunger rn

  • David Walker 1 year ago

    How long is the trail Kalani?

    ALOHASTOKED 1 year ago

    approximately a 10-15min trek from pine tree parking

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