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Mauis Most Dangerous hike. Watch Video, dont do hike : )

Posted March 04, 2019

**Please Read Warning in the beginning of this video**

This is definitely one of Maui's most dangerous hikes if you can even call it a hike. I DO NOT recommend attempting this hike if you are a visitor to Maui. For you adrenaline junkies. Absolutely do not do this hike when it is raining, or has rained within the last week. FLASH FLOODING in these caves is very dangerous.

That being said, I hope you enjoy these rare and beautiful sights!

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  • rjbStudios 2 weeks ago

    WTH? No wonder the Water department closed or sealed the lava tube at the end. Probably because of this video.

  • Laura Massengale 3 months ago

    You are awesome! Love your energy

  • Adventure Escape 9 months ago

    If I die I won't hold you responsible...because I'll be dead.

  • Connor Pearson 10 months ago

    Can you do the climbing rope down to pools around honolua? Thanks!!

  • Eric Royal 10 months ago

    💯% most dangerous hike looks MAD FUN!!!!!!

  • Tom Spurlock 10 months ago

    Just got back from Maui yesterday. Oh man, the road to Hana has some incredible hikes and DRONE flight opportunities. Your hike looked much like what I saw from the air by drone. I would be concerned about any storms on top of Haleakala that could make a flood through those tight channels you were in, if that's the area you were hiking. Another reason to not recommend it.

  • MTBdoc 10 months ago

    You're going to need a dry bag for these adventures!
    Tori is spidergirl ! great video man, so much suspense! :D

  • AmiJurgl 10 months ago


  • Spartan 10 months ago

    So good!

  • Valecia Powers 10 months ago

    When I grow up I want to be like Tori! Hats off to you both!

  • Lynse Olson 10 months ago

    Just got home from Maui on Sunday. Did a lot of things I learned from your channel! I was so hoping I'd run into you! I love watching your videos!! I'll be back next year! Can't wait

  • TheWDWDAD23 10 months ago

    love your videos. will be there with my family end of may/beginning of June. Wife and 2 teen sons and 10 year old daughter. My boys love exploring and nature and looking for different unique things for them to do. Also, I want to stop on the way to the hotel and do something that screams Maui...any cool spots or short activities on the route from the airport to the Fairmont?

  • Diane Labute 10 months ago

    Whoa, amazing video!! You guys are awesome ... still love watching your videos, I feel like I’m back in Maui every time :)

  • Derrick Andrade 10 months ago

    Did you have to go back the same way?

  • John O'Donnell 10 months ago

    Tori is awesome!!

  • Discover Life Media 10 months ago

    Way to go on this vid!

  • Mauiboob 10 months ago

    Tori needs those fisherman tabi's you see all the old grampas gathering ogo with. lol

  • Nicholas James.S 10 months ago

    my fat as would've been dead by 3:00 lol

  • Little Skittles 10 months ago

    Claustrophobia triggered!!

  • GonderGirl 10 months ago

    Loving the adventures with Tori!

  • XXHARDLUCKRACINGXX 10 months ago

    Love this hike dont know what took you so long to do it! Highlight of our trip. To complete you need to jump the 3 waterfalls at end

  • Kent Custer 10 months ago

    She's a beast !!

  • Lily Dugan 10 months ago


  • Guido Congetti 10 months ago

    Bad freakn ass my brother , mahalo for sharing

  • Ginny Sanchez 10 months ago


  • William Zoom 10 months ago

    Is this the same area as that magical video from years gone bye where those guys on motorcycles were exploring the irrigation systems?

  • WolfPack FanForEver 10 months ago

    Went to Maui with my wife for our 25th anniversary.
    That was almost 3 years ago.
    Every video you guys make takes us back.
    Thank you for this bro.

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