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Mini Road to Hana - Welcome to Kahakuloa!

Posted June 26, 2019

Mini Road to Hana - Welcome to Kahakuloa! 😎⛰🍃🌊

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  • jim vigil 2 months ago

    COOL-LANI!!!! Great videos I live on Maui in my dreams.

  • dahveed284 6 months ago

    If you run it in the other direction, you'll be against the bottom of the wall, not on top of the cliff. Nice video...

  • INFIDEL Coda 7 months ago

    Hey me the family and best friends family get to Maui on July 5th for 8 days . I'm no blog or photo guy but I bought 6 go pros for us and the mavic 2 pro drone extra batteries for all. Since you see all the best spots. What are must have videos for our trip to Maui ? Thanks in advance . And if your around Maui after the 5th let us know. We love your videos and would like to say hello .

  • Mike Cothran 7 months ago

    A monkeypod maitai wit da foamy stuff ehh🤙🤣

  • Dennis Farrell 7 months ago

    If you are not sure of your driving or if you found the road to Hana a difficult drive, DO NOT do this drive. It is the hardest stretch of road I have driven in the US. If it was just me on the road, I would have no qualms about doing it, but you have to share the road with people, and I don't trust people.

  • Crystal Riddick 7 months ago

    Thanks for sharing this amazing video! What scooter company do you recommend renting from to do Kahakuloa? We’ll be visiting in 2 weeks and look forward to doing something like this. Would you recommend vacationers doing something like this heading up to the waihee ridge trail? Thanks

  • Griff Mar 7 months ago

    I just got back from Maui. Your videos are right on the money. Ive been many times and still learn watching your videos.

  • Tommy Zilinski 7 months ago

    If you plan on doing this road by car, I highly advise you not to go the route Kalani took in this video. Come from the Lahaina side and go past Napili to where the road picks up. It's much safer and calmer driving on the mauka side as opposed to the cliff side, especially if you run into another car in those single lane parts.

  • Tina Strickland 7 months ago

    Can't wait to get to Maui! We will be there July 1st. Last time we came to Maui was ten years ago. My favorite Island!!!
    Glad to see a lot of the roads are paved now. Love your videos! Hope to see you around!!!

  • Ohana Films 7 months ago

    No Lorraine Shave Ice???

  • Meggie Spaghetti 7 months ago

    The only full blown anxiety attack I’ve ever had, was on this road..............beautiful views, but Holy Cow, that one particular section you pointed out is no joke.

  • artjae6 7 months ago

    Nice video, I traveled that road by car 3 weeks ago, when holidaying, super sketchy for all those hairpin corners. The Grom is perfect, Cheers.

  • Allison Jaloszynski 7 months ago

    Always stoked for our visits to Maui <3

  • William Zoom 7 months ago

    Congrats to Sam for getting a new ride as well as having an awesome fashion sense )

  • hemidesign 7 months ago

    Hey.. where's the beautiful girl?? I missed her...

  • Rich Miller 7 months ago

    We will be taking this route in about the weeks. Thanks for the tips!

  • Jim Boulton 7 months ago

    This looks like a great adventure! We'll be there in November. We'll definitely book a tour with Sail Maui and rent a couple motor bikes as well! Love your videos. I can't wait to see the next one

  • SF.DC 7 months ago

    you like Julia's Banana Bread Kahakuloa more than Auntie Sandy's Banana Bread Keanae?

    John O'Donnell 7 months ago

    It's the same recipe from Costco.
    Just kidding. :-)

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