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Raging Waterfalls Hike!! - A Twin Falls Maui - VLOG

Posted October 01, 2015

Aloha guys, hope you enjoy this short vlog, documenting the raging waterfalls at Twin Falls Maui.

Twin falls is located at : 6300 Hana Hwy, Haiku, HI 96708 Enjoy!

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A Hui Ho! (till we meet again)

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  • Pete V 11 months ago

    Hey Kalani, we appreciate your videos. How about videos on the best tiki bars in Maui?

  • Nate Walker 2 years ago

    Yodis my favorite YouTube dog

  • Laurel J. 3 years ago

    Aloha Kalani, thanks for so many great videos, helps me to not miss Maui so much! :)

  • MizomiPhotography 4 years ago

    You know, I've been here countless times and never knew about that 3rd waterfall, LOL Thanks for making this video!

  • OtisENGINEuity 4 years ago

    was Yodi trying to catch a fish at the end?

    Our springer spaniel swam under water after a bass when I took him to the lake once... stupid dog.

  • Brett Fielding 4 years ago

    Hey Kalani, these vids are cool we are planning to visit you guys in Maui in a couple of years after we do the Route 66 maybe you could do a vid on places to stay like hotels and stuff, much love from the UK, ps hope Athena makes it Through her op :)

  • Millograms 4 years ago

    Loving these videos Kalani! So regular as well! Keep em coming! BRAP!

  • DCBIKER 4 years ago


  • pipnmaz 4 years ago

    Mahalo for sharing this sneak peek into your amazing island Kalani. You should be paid by the tourist board for your passion and enthusiasm for this natural awesomeness (although you should stop Athena from drinking up all the water)

  • Brady James KRAABEL 4 years ago

    you can jump off the falls? that's awesome!!!

  • Ohana Films 4 years ago


  • gncc1race 4 years ago

    Another great video KP! Thanks for the hike! (I'm still a little winded... Old and fat, not a good combination.)

    Dude, you are very good at this. It's like something you'd see on the Travel Channel. I enjoy it almost as much as the moto vlogs!

    AccidentalBroadcast 4 years ago

    +gncc1race Awesome! thanks for watching : )

  • Stephen Hamshaw 4 years ago

    Nice vid bra.... Maybe we should hook up and make a "Aloha Stoked/MASWHA" video...

    AccidentalBroadcast 4 years ago

    +Stephen Hamshaw ; _

  • Zach Tupy 4 years ago

    I like it, keep them up please

  • Nate Selken 4 years ago

    Haha that's awesome, I was just there this summer but it wasn't flowing like that, that's crazy!

  • rebelyell22 4 years ago

    You could get some amazing shots with a DJI Phantom on Maui.

    ALOHASTOKED 4 years ago

    +rebelyell22 Just met an amazing Drone Pilot today!! He's going to be helping future video's for sure!!!

  • rebelyell22 4 years ago

    Yodi the mountain dog. Will you do some more vids taking pics on the coast like you did on your AB channel? Really enjoyed those

    ALOHASTOKED 4 years ago

    +rebelyell22 I might do some photography on Aloha Stoked too! Thanks for watching!

  • ALOHASTOKED 4 years ago

    Hi guys, Kalani here. Thanks so much for watching this video! Man, Twin Falls was crazy!

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