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Shooting Photographs for BMW Kahului, Maui

Posted July 02, 2019

Aloha! 😎🚗🏝

Today we are visiting the new BMW Kahului store location to shoot some photographs all over Maui for their Instagram!

See the photos:

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  • dahveed284 6 months ago

    I follow your girl on IG, but it appears she is back in Chicago. Did she leave the Island? Nice video, remember you've got to drive like an asshole when you're driving a BMW.

  • Joe Discipulo 6 months ago

    awesome work on this one. been watching a whole bunch of your vids. gna b there this July 20-27. I'm sure your vids will help me and the fam have an awesome vacay...btw my sons a photographer too. where can he see more of your work posted? or in person? aloha!!!

  • MicBergsma 6 months ago


  • JohnnyV 6 months ago

    Gorgeous. Was up there last week, unfortunately not in M4, always next time. Keep it real Bro. #MAUIgnificicent

  • Sum4Seb 6 months ago

    M4 is a beast! Great way to spend the day. T4S

  • shrek420ify 6 months ago

    Be back on island in Maui in a few weeks can’t wait

  • Lily Dugan 6 months ago

    Super cool!!

  • hemidesign 6 months ago

    You got the pretty girl back, and now with some nice Bimmers.. best video ever my man!

  • McSmokey 9 6 months ago

    Looks like you had a blast. Keep up the good work. Hope to see you around the island!

  • Nathan Price 6 months ago

    BMW is smart for collaborating with AlohaStoked...great free advertising from a guy guaranteed to get you a good shot! M Performance car in Maui....that's what's up.

  • James Stennett 6 months ago

    Creative, and still awesome. Love it!

  • Robert Crosby 6 months ago

    I love that road and the winery is a dope spot to hang out, play cornhole and grab a burger across the street at the Grill!!

  • Raulie Conger 6 months ago

    Happy to see Miss Tori again!

  • Cragozy 6 months ago

    Gonna be there tomorrow! Where can I find an aloha stoked bracelet?

  • William Zoom 6 months ago

    Love those Beemers!

  • linda h 6 months ago

    Wow! Great job!

  • Skyline Leather Co 6 months ago

    BMW duel-sport motorcycle shoot next 😁

  • Brina Healy 6 months ago

    MORE please, Kalani: MORE!!!

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