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Snorkeling With Turtles : Maui, Hawaii

Posted January 31, 2019

Let's go snorkeling!

Some tips for your snorkel adventure : If the water looks rough, and you feel in doubt, don't go out.

Typically you want to snorkel on South and West shores only as the North shore can be dangerous and is usually where the locals will dive to catch dinner. (mo bettah no bother).

Make sure you only buy REEF SAFE sunscreen as many of our reefs have been severely damage due to the chemicals in most off-the-shelf sunscreens. Don't walk on the reef with your fins and don't touch the turtles. (heafty fines can be had if you're caught touching them)

Other then that, enjoy the beauty of Maui's underwater oasis. Mile Marker 11-14 is great for the whole family and you'll most likely see some Honu swimming around! Hope you enjoy the video, and Mahalo's if you choose to share!

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  • Patrick Dyer 1 week ago

    Thanks for all the key info Mr Prince!! Love the Maui vids n your channel!

  • Gem Gurcan 1 month ago

    Once again, great footage and music!

  • dan inouye 3 months ago

    Chalie Dol-FUN!!!! gotta add dude, hella funny. Guest appearance brah!!!!

  • matt46vale 11 months ago

    Vaseline also works. Saves the shave.

  • Clickmaster5k 11 months ago

    You have a jeep now! Nice dude.

  • MicBergsma 11 months ago

    Fun! 🤙🏼🤙🏼

  • Marea Stuckey 11 months ago

    Love your videos!!! Thank you !! Was that a whale in the video? I will be in Maui on 2/10/19 and wondering if it will be too early to see whales? I would absolutely love to see them !!! If it's not too early, do you have any suggestions on where is a good area?

    sub3by08 11 months ago

    Plenty of whales then.

  • DeliriumCS 11 months ago

    I still wait for the day AB++ comes back

  • radarbrew 11 months ago

    Ah, I wanna go back!

  • Rong Pei 11 months ago

    So where is this mile marker 13? Thanks in advance!!!!

    AccidentalBroadcast 11 months ago

    Just before Oluwalu :)

  • William Zoom 11 months ago

    The Honu know Yodi is one of them!

  • Veronica Cooper 11 months ago

    I stumbled upon your vlogs when doing research for an upcoming trip and I am so happy I did. As a nosy tourist (yes I am I'll own up to it) would you mind letting us know which road this is mile 11-13 of? It's probably obvious to locals and frequent visitors but this is my first trip and I have no idea where you are on the island currently x

    AccidentalBroadcast 11 months ago

    Commenting via my other channel but it’s just South of “Oluwalu” as you’re headed into Lahaina from airport ;)

  • My Family Vlogs 11 months ago

    <90 days and we will be back. Can't wait!!

  • Kevin Cantrell 11 months ago

    did you post this video at 4am?!

  • Meggie Spaghetti 11 months ago

    Sweet! Man, I miss Maui so much...!

  • Tony Landaeta 11 months ago

    OMG My husband and I spent our 40th anniversary there! Visited that beach it was amazing Watched marathon s of Aloha Stoked we got the best info!! Luv u Kalani

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