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The Road To Hana by Mile Marker Part 1

Posted April 19, 2019

The Road to Hana by Mile Marker Part 1

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  • bayker driver 4 weeks ago

    I'm gonna go to Maui

  • Kenneth R Mall 4 months ago

    Where is the place to get lilikoi butter?

    Tammy Petry 1 week ago


    Tammy Petry 1 week ago

    Julia's in Kahakuloa is the place he's talking about (I think).

  • ATTA BOY 8 months ago

    Will be there in 3 weeks, any nice public places to find some pick up games of basketball?

    Tammy Petry 1 week ago

    There are lots of public parks and community centers all over the island.

  • Hank Heim 8 months ago

    I liked part 1. Where is part 2?  Could you put a link in part 1 so I can find it?  Thanks

  • Tina Strickland 8 months ago

    I would love to see a new video! Lets go!

  • Yappytrip 9 months ago

    This is a great video. We just got back from our recent trip to Maui. We stayed at Grand Wailea and we just posted a room tour and now working on our road to hana vlog with 3 kids a hike and plunge in the waterfalls. Really really worth all the dizziness and muddy hike.

  • Kim Van Beek 9 months ago

    Nice! Got to love Maui!

  • vickikendricks 9 months ago

    I love Maui! Absolutely beautiful!

  • Cooking 2 Eat 9 months ago

    Been watching a bunch of your videos, getting ready for my
    wife and I to visit Maui in early May, can’t wait, Mahalo for you great videos

    Yappytrip 9 months ago

    Richard Hirsch aloha!! We just got back from our recent trip to maui now we’re back to Vegas and we’re missing the island paradise.

    Just a simple tip bring meds or remedy for motion sickness coz the road to hana is a big twist and turn but amazingly beautiful.

    For more tips, just shoot me a comment on my channel. We just posted our first vlog from our maui trip.. more vlogs coming soon.

  • C p 9 months ago

    Could watch your videos all day!

  • Robert Crosby 9 months ago

    Hana Farms banana bread is my favorite!

  • doubleiris 9 months ago

    Sadly when I was there in 2017 I only made it half way. Next February I hope to do the whole route. Great video as always man!

  • Clickmaster5k 9 months ago

    I wouldn't long episodes even if that means they are more raw.

  • glen Decuir 9 months ago

    Don't have the Emojis: thumbs up

  • Alan Pepsick 9 months ago

    Be there in 3weeks!

  • Mara N 9 months ago

    Heya. Saw you at Colorfest. You always do great videos. Much Aloha!

  • William Zoom 9 months ago

    Yodi always wants a sip )

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