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The Unseen Maui - Motorcycles in Paradise PART 2

Posted October 20, 2016

(Video) The Unseen Maui - tag someone that's never seen THIS part of magical Maui.
Mahalo for all your shares on the last video, you guys are Stoketacular!

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A Hui Hou! (till we meet again)

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  • J Olson Digital 2 years ago

    If it's still there, I will sit there in 4.5 weeks. :)

  • Ode&IanVlog 3 years ago

    Is the music is copyrighted?

  • Mark Deo 3 years ago

    Hurry up with Part 3 already

  • Mark Deo 3 years ago

    How much to rent the small bikes? They look so much fun...

  • InvalidAuthorization 3 years ago

    I remember that church - thought it was a home because when I was there, and Google Street shows it too from 2011, there were private property markers all over. Has it all changed now? You can actually drive up?

  • Latitude 3 years ago

    I was absolutely smitten by that scenery from Mt. Haleakala.

  • MrPoppasmurf79 3 years ago

    Beautiful! Been 8 years since my last visit. Maybe next year.

  • Sharon Pieri 3 years ago

    Missed the church last time there, will check it out this year. Love the coverage of areas not everyone sees. TY

  • Joseph Arreygue 3 years ago

    I'm here in Oahu right now , I'm finding it beautiful here but Maui area looks even better

  • Fizzerfabian 3 years ago

    Nice video! But would love to see more! Maybe another road to hana video, but with more stops and information.

  • Juleann Hammond 3 years ago

    Love that area of Maui! It gives me chicken skin every time. Since it'll probably be a couple years til I can experience it person I really appreciate this.

  • cash storeone 3 years ago

    I did that ride a couple of times in a car while on vacation. I remember the rough part, but thought it was better than being on dirt. The car handled the road fine. I did go to that Winery that was in your first video a year ago. There was a store across the street and there was a guy entertaining with a guitar, and singing.
    I did not know about that church. Can you simply remove the chain and go down there? We have places like that in arizona where we take our Enduros and remove the chain then reinstall the chain as we continue on our way. Pretty common around here.
    I always thought that although the beaches were rocky on that part of the island, I imagined that the fishing from shore would be good.

  • glen Decuir 3 years ago


  • Gary Rose 3 years ago

    I definitely will find the lawn chair.

  • cam 2 3 years ago

    2:55 GORGEOUS!!!

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