Maui's Ultimate Visitor Guide

Things To Do On Maui - Part 1

Posted August 01, 2016

Aloha to all you beautiful people and welcome to Maui’s ultimate visitor guide, Aloha Stoked. This is your resource to find all the best things to do on Maui. Join Kalani Prince as he explores Maui and gives you a first hand experience of our magical island (he might even let you in on some local secrets, shh!). Think of Aloha Stoked as your very own local guide. As always Mahalo Nui Loa.

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  • jim vigil 3 months ago

    That looks like my kind of bike adventure. So what's the story with little beach that you stopped short of telling?

  • Alan Cold 5 months ago

    I’m n Maui now . Just got here today . Great video . I’m going to check out that mellow beach tomorrow

  • John G. 8 months ago

    Amazing footage. Maui is my favorite place on Earth! You're so fortunate to be able to live there. Thanks for sharing your incredible experiences!

  • hawaii 9 months ago

    Nomore shirt for do on maui.

  • Ben Moore 1 year ago

    Love it man! Thanks for a great video. Quick and to the point. No fluff

  • Mark Estrada 1 year ago

    Awesome! I’m heading there next month!!!! Stoked!

  • Ernesto Melo 1 year ago

    Nice video bro, very mahalo!!!

  • Logan Callahan 1 year ago

    you covered quite a lot but very. very fast so if your view count is up by 100 its bcuz I am trying to re watch and write everything down! LOL Thanks

  • Matt Mac Mullin 1 year ago

    One of the best channels for Maui !! Thank you for all your efforts !

  • Juan Fuentes 1 year ago

    VERY NICE VIDEO.......

  • Alma Rodriguez 1 year ago

    Woaw nice work,I love it.

  • Victor D 1 year ago

    I have been to Hawaii 8 times for my holidays, people so lovely. No place is close proximity to each others. I loved to mingle with the locals, but my Aussie accent is a giveaway. I will endeavor to visit the rest of Hawaiian islands.

    Endy Kakiay 1 year ago

    Hey Victor! That sounds like me too! I am from Singapore. Planning for a month long in Oahu-Maui-Kauai in 2020... Also because of FestPac!

  • peter m 1 year ago

    Nice vid, but would be much more enjoyable if you didn't keep flicking the pics so fast....way to fast

  • Dakota Fried 1 year ago


    Dakota Fried 1 year ago


  • KaHeAlAnI HiLl 1 year ago

    None of these are secret beaches. They're all connected to hotels

  • Abner Nakihei 1 year ago

    Love the video! I live in Lahaina and want to start creating videos like you! Do you have a review on your equipment you use to make your videos? Cameras? Editing software? Thank you from Abner!

  • alex gon 1 year ago

    what happen with pat 2?

  • Jason Schauer 1 year ago

    Wow. Great clip.

  • T Hawk 1 year ago

  • Ethan Krebs 2 years ago

    I’m actually in love with this video! Keep up the content!

  • Bradley Thibodeau 2 years ago

    Going to Hawaii next year. Would like to bring my dog. Is Hawaii very dog friendly?

  • Don Douglas 2 years ago

    Tabasco in the backpack and there's never a problem

  • Rachel Yoo 2 years ago

    This is an amazing video! Thanks for sharing :)

  • igobythisname 2 years ago

    Awesome video! Wow-beautiful whales!

  • Beng Thao 2 years ago

    😍the whale..... love the quality of your video. I am going to Maui in February .. can't wait

  • Island Hopper TV 2 years ago

    You make the best videos!

  • MUSIC LOVER 2 years ago

    Thanks for uploading! My boyfriend and I are going to Maui for 10 days in September. I'm a little concerned because my brother thinks it's too long of a trip for Maui and I'll be bored to tears after 5 days. He says Maui is slow and boring and there isn't much to do other than swimming and hiking leaving limited options. Do you think this is true?

    SaltyFlubberFish 2 years ago

    MUSIC LOVER I'm going to Maui in 7 days for two weeks. It'll be a thirteen hour flight, but I'm doing hula lessons, going to a goat farm, scuba diving off of a boat, going to a lavender farm, going snorkeling, watching the sun rise, chilling by the beach, etc. Those are just a few ideas on what you can do!

    Aoife Goggin 2 years ago

    My friend and I will be in Maui (for about 8 days) in September too!! Maybe we'll see you there :P

    MUSIC LOVER 2 years ago

    +SaltyFlubberFish - Sounds like some cool; ideas! We're going to do a helicopter ride over Haleakala and Hana, Zipline, Haleakala crater sunrise and maybe the road to Hana. We've also decided to island hop and go to Oahu for one night as well:-) Have a FANTASTIC trip:-)

    MUSIC LOVER 2 years ago

    +Aoife Goggin - AWESOME! It will be our first trip to Hawaii so we're super stoked:-)

  • Athena Pang 2 years ago

    <# love how you talk no more watching at 1.5

  • JUCKER HAWAI'I 2 years ago

    You should check us out some time in Lahaina.

  • PNW_BAGGER 2 years ago

    My fiancé and I are getting married in September. The bike ride down the mountain is something we would love to do. What was the company called again ?

  • alex gon 2 years ago

    When is part 2 coming out ?

  • Nehal Dixit 3 years ago

    We did all of the things and also took phantom 3 but couldn't capture more coz of bad weather

  • Quency Caroline 3 years ago

    I LOVE THIS!!!!

  • MidCoastMoto 3 years ago

    Kalani, you are a genius,  I only just found this channel by accident and am instantly reminded of your unbelievable talent for this stuff.  Thank you.  You are a content magician.

  • William Travis 3 years ago

    All of these places should sponsor you for promoting their businesses!

  • Pat Eccleston 3 years ago

    This dude says he hiked "stairway to heaven" went to the Pali LookOut..etc..these are not on Maui!! (Oahu) then Kona bike rentals is Big Island..
    There were other mistakes too..maybe the video is just entitled wrong?!

    radarbrew 2 years ago

    You should probably watch the video again and do some research. This stuff is all there. Maybe you should go?

  • One Punch 3 years ago

    guys quick questions for the Hawaiians here.

    which is better to live on, maui or oahu?

    which is better for nurses, maui or oahu?

    is the things to do on Maui just as good as oahu like shave ice and mocha ice cream, shopping, dinning, etc?

    Lexi Rose 3 years ago

    One Punch I would do some research

    One Punch 3 years ago

    @Lexi Klimas I did, but I just wanted the opinions of the people who've lived there for a long time and who are living there and especially hear from the natives. I like Oahu much more better for family and things to do, crowded. I can deal with that and I live in chicago, a major city, so being in another crowded city won't harm me. Sadly I don't think my mom will ever be convinced. I guess I'll ask about maui in 3 years time for college.

  • iChing 3 years ago

    love it!!!

  • jylp4u 3 years ago

    You are a frickin' genius. Well done, great video and very well put together. Very detailed. I've been super busy lately, so I'm a bit behind on everything, but I've not forgotten what I haven't told you lol. There is a huge adventure in my future. And the plot thickens!

  • Kevin Limon 3 years ago

    Dude you're funny as heck. Going there next month and this was more descriptive than these traveler guide videos :D

  • John Paul Lawson 3 years ago

    the whales!!

  • Chris Langwell 3 years ago

    Great giddy, funny commentary, keep em coming!

  • Svent0341 3 years ago

    Finally a new video!

  • Laurel J. 3 years ago

    Thanks Kalani for another great vlog!!!!

  • Levent Ergün 3 years ago

    KP, I am digging the website, it looks awesome.

  • Aron Douglas 3 years ago

    I watch anything by ++AB whenever I wanna feel good inside😊

  • Gchin 3 years ago

    sweet vid AB

  • Mara N 3 years ago

    Bahahahaha this was one of the best Maui videos ever! Been living in Lahaina for 3 years now and love it! Love your humor! Much Mahalos!

  • Not an active account 3 years ago

    I went to Twin Falls on my honeymoon, there are some great treks around there.

  • Jovany Uribe 3 years ago

    I'm going to maui in September thanks for your videos ..

    Silvia J 3 years ago

    going in October

    Samnang T 3 years ago

    I was there last year in October and it was awesome... :'-(

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