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Tour Makawao! - Maui, Hawaii

Posted February 23, 2016

New Aloha Stoked Video!

Welcome to Makawao town, located in the heart of upcountry Maui. Whether it's shopping for that one of a kind gift, eating some tasty cuisine, or browsing the many galleries, Makawao is a definite must see town when visiting the beautiful island of Maui.

Hope you enjoy the vlog!

A Hui Hou! (till we meet again)

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  • John Crawford 1 year ago

    Although I was born on the big island, I lived in Makawao until I was eight years old. The place is changed a great deal since 1978. I went to Saint Josephs school and church and I lived in a subdivision called mako out ranch acres just up the hill from the park

  • Ysagani Ybarra 1 year ago

    Hey thanks...made me feel like I'm back...great video😊

  • Dallas Laxton 1 year ago

    Stopwatch has THE BEST cheesecake!!!

  • Alan S. 1 year ago

    We wouldn't have known about Makawao without this vlog. Thanks.

  • Chris McMahon 2 years ago

    Interesting little tourist town. Curious though, can you buy art on Maui that's not Hawaiiana?

  • Laurel J. 2 years ago

    A big mahalo for such a great video!!

  • radarbrew 2 years ago

    Love these videos and all those cool shops. So different than the ABC stores every half block in Oahu. Ugh.

  • bkudla 2 years ago

    Sherri Reeves Gallery.  Great stuff, local girl. Not around anymore?

  • RC Photo 3 years ago

    Sip Me Coffee Shop is a must in Makawao... and you walked right by it :(

  • Chad Hicks 3 years ago

    this channel is great Kalani!

  • Hualani 3 years ago

    dude, Poor T Komoda store! do you know what the word "notorious" means? geez

  • profnkb 3 years ago

    Thanks - these are so useful and a nice hanging out with the host vibe. One thing though - It would be easier to connect if you took off the shades (maybe after the intro?) They are distracting and take away from the mood. U R cool and fun without them!

  • Louiebelle Angus 3 years ago

    Hi Kalani! What camera are using for your vlogs?

  • cash storeone 3 years ago

    My mom lived in Makawao

  • ARidingLifestyle 3 years ago

    KALANI!!! Its good to see you making vidddy yos again

  • MrDuhfactor 3 years ago

    What a cool little town dude!!

  • Not an active account 3 years ago

    You picked the perfect spot for the intro!

  • Charles צ'ארלס 3 years ago

    These are so much better than those other tour videos that put you to sleep.

  • Frankfactor 2 3 years ago

    Mahalo again Kalani. It's so nice to see my old stomping grounds again. I wish I could be there right now. Your videos always make me a little homesick. Video idea: do an aloha food tour of all the awesome grinds on the island. Maybe you could make it a segment in your vids. Eg takamiya market teri beef, zippys, da kitchen etc. it would be awesome if you could even get some of the cooks to do a short recipe/ how to cook segment also. As always, love your vids. Keep up the fantastic work!

    AccidentalBroadcast 3 years ago

    I like it!

  • julio serrano 3 years ago

    Would you consider doing daily vlogs?

  • Cmhav125 3 years ago

    Are you done making bike vids?

    AccidentalBroadcast 3 years ago


    bigbear 350 3 years ago

    +AccidentalBroadcast I know for facts that your bike will be awesome .. awesome video too .. wtg

  • Chris boomin 3 years ago

    When you gonna get the bike back?

  • William Zoom 3 years ago

    Those sunglasses are Smurftastic!

  • ISLAND HOMEGROWN 3 years ago

    R.I.P R.IL skye Valletta this town will never be the same with out you February -9

    Denten Nascimento 3 years ago

    Rest In Paradise my Braddah. You always had my back. Makawao not the same without you bredj. Love and Miss you Dawg.

    ISLAND HOMEGROWN 3 years ago

    +Denten Nascimento most humble person there was in mak town so sad to soon

    Denten Nascimento 3 years ago

    +KNIGHT marchers That's truth. He never stepped on no one's toes. He would give us the shirt off his back if we needed it. We lost one very true soul too soon.

    ISLAND HOMEGROWN 3 years ago

    +Denten Nascimento that so Tru Idk fills like I know who you are but I just trying to picture who you are I'd if you no me Stephen knight

    Denten Nascimento 3 years ago

    +KNIGHT marchers I not good with with names lol. I was the one with the glasses. Garanz if we saw each other we would recognize each other

  • dahveed284 3 years ago

    No 1080? Maybe its still processing...

  • rebelyell22 3 years ago

    I've gotta hit up Maui. Why does airfare have to be so damn expensive lol


    oh yeah!

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