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VLOG: Snorkeling with Sail Maui in Lanai, Hawaii

Posted August 02, 2019

What's happening guys? In today's vlog we are snorkeling at
Manele Bay with Sail Maui - Performance Sailing! 🌊😎🌴

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  • Sukha Sukhi Sugar 2 months ago

    Omg water is sooooo clear!!! Cannot wait to go to Lanai in December. I am not going snorkelin, but going Snuba! Love your videos!

  • Cadalaack 5 months ago

    Donovan with no flex 2:36, suns out guns out!

  • Clickmaster5k 5 months ago

    whats with the masked guy at the end?

  • Austin Ellis 5 months ago

    I dig your videos guys! Whats the best spots to camp/stay on the island?

  • 69Camaro 5 months ago

    How long did you get to snorkel?

  • Skyline Leather Co 5 months ago

    Dad retired 🤣

  • On Hawaii Time 5 months ago

    Nice!! Definitely going to check out Sail Maui next time we island hop over to Maui! Aloha~

  • William Zoom 5 months ago

    Was the picnic lunch PB & J's on rye?

  • Norah Jarman 5 months ago

    Beautiful! Your son sounds just like you!

  • John O'Donnell 5 months ago

    That is probably one of the best snorkeling excursions offered. You get an awesome boat to cruise on, snorkeling somewhere besides a Molokini, a ride all the way to the actual island of Lanai, lunch provided in a beautiful environment, and a ride back.
    That is what I call living.
    Excellent video. Thank you Kalani for sharing these super wonderful Maui clips/vlogs.

  • Greg Helton 5 months ago

    Nice boat!

  • I am the Bobs 5 months ago

    Do you ever encounter sharks and what is the best thing to do if so? When I was on the island they said don’t worry about sharks they are looking for turtles and you don’t look much like one. Not sure how true that is though lol.

    Greg Helton 5 months ago

    Robert Lefebvre I see them all the time. I swim slow so as not to spook them (they flee when spooked) and take as many photographs as I can. Just don’t panic.

    Sukha Sukhi Sugar 2 months ago

    Yeah I am little scared of sharks too. Hope that I don’t see any. Highly doubt though

  • MrPoppasmurf79 5 months ago

    Love the videos. Thanks

  • Dennis Farrell 5 months ago

    Kids got chops!

  • hemidesign 5 months ago

    Cool, can't wait to visit Lanai...

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